In 2005, I was living and working in Europe, on an overseas assignment from my Canadian employer. One day, I suddenly began to feel pain, numbness and loss of strength in my right hand and arm. Doctors sent me to Vienna, where they diagnosed me with C7 disk rupture and I was rushed into an operating room for the delicate surgery.

When I woke up from the surgery, one of the sweetest nurses said to me "you are in the best hospital in Vienna, a lot of other country 's leaders have had operations in this hospital. You will be fine". I did get better, but the frustrating arm and neck pain symptoms stayed with me for years. After returning from Europe, I went to the most advanced hospitals in Canada and USA to seek methods to release the pain, such as injections and medications, which provided temporary relief but had uncomfortable side-effects.

One day, a friend from Germany said to me "You are in such pain that you even wish to cut off your arm to avoid the pain, why don't join me to try Ayurveda treatment?".

I signed up for a 1-month Ayurvedic Journey and the results were like magic. The most significant changes for me are being pain-free and sleeping well without sleep aides. I became a very happy and positive person again.

When I discussed the outcome with my pain management doctors and neurologists, they were very positive and supportive about Ayurveda treatment, saying that "Ayurvedic therapies treat your body in an integral manner, the herbal medicines refuel the body to help gain its balance, the stunning natural setting helps to ease away your tension and stress and yoga practice rejuvenates your body and mind".

They also strongly suggested "you should open an Ayurveda clinic, to help people who suffer from the pain and depression as your experienced". So, I founded Lush Life Villa Ayurveda Retreat, a place to discover the benefits of Ayurvedic therapies, a place to calm your spirit with a sense of mental quietude, a place to restore and harmonize your energies. Nestled within a village community, you can experience the village's simple life, participate in their activities, and experience the kindness and the happiness of the villagers.

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