Spiritual renewal and meditation retreat

People of all backgrounds and beliefs can find something in common to make their lives happier and more meaningful. When you visit Lush Life Villa, you become a member of our community. Enjoy the blended cultures, simple, sweet and blessed. The meditation program is guided by monks in the temple, to help you to leave today's concerns behind for a moment by:
  • Sitting meditation
  • Standing walking meditation
  • Silence meditation
  • Chanting
Sudarshanaramaga Temple is 7 minutes walking distance from Lush Life Villa, there are 8 monks from age of 9 to 86 years old. Sitting under the 100 years old Bodhi tree in the temple becomes my routine to renew my energy whenever I feel stress, anger and ignorance. One day, when sitting under the Bodhi tree, a very young monk stood by my side and started chanting. The sweet and pure chanting sounds seemed so peaceful and calm and made me feel that nothing matters anymore. I showed him other people's chanting on my cell phone, iPad and my laptop. He was puzzled! This was the first time he saw those devices. I gave my computer to the monk and talked to my husband on the phone: "Get prepared for training our temple monks to use the computer during your coming vacation in the villa. By the way, please buy more computers to donate to the temple and village school boys, of course, one for your wife as well". My husband spent all of his 7 days vacation with the young monks and village school boys teaching everything from english writing to how to setup an email account.