The main house of the Lush Life Villa has 9 air-conditioned guest rooms, each with a beautiful garden view. There are 3 king bedrooms, 3 queen bedrooms and 3 double bed rooms. All beds have mosquito nets and all bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms. Furnishings are made from natural and environmentally-friendly materials. All rooms have a hand-carved teak wardrobe, coffee table, side tables and sofa.

There are also two beautiful suites with hardwood floors on the first floor of the Cinnamon heart terrace, next to the arts display room and the Yoga and Meditation areas. Each suite is air-conditioned with a hand-carved king bed with mosquito net. Each room has a swimming pool view. Ensuite bathrooms are decorated with natural cinnamon wood finishing. Beddings and curtains are local village handmade fabric and painted and designed by Mithrashila Kuruppu .

All rooms of the Lush Life Villa are furnished in the "lush arts" style using reusable natural products, hand-crafted furniture and decorated with our local villagers hand-made fabrics and paintings.

King Room

Room Facilities    :    A/C, Wardrobe, King bed with mosquito netting, sitting area, Wi-fi
Room Dimension :    King Room 01 - 32m2, King Room 02 - 41m2, King Room 03 - 41m2

Queen Room

Room Facilities    :    A/C, Wardrobe, Queen bed with mosquito netting, sitting area, Wi-fi
Room Dimension :    Queen Room 01 - 27m2, Queen Room 02 - 27m2, Queen Room 03 - 26m2

Twin Room

Room Facilities    :    A/C, Wardrobe, Two twin beds with mosquito netting, sitting area, Wi-fi
Room Dimension :    Twin Room 01 - 30m2, Twin Room 02 - 28m2, Twin Room 03 - 34m2

Suite Room

Room Facilities    :    A/C, Wardrobe, King Bed with mosquito netting, Day bed, sitting area, Wi-fi
Room Dimension :    Suite Room 01- 55m2, Suite Room 02 - 49m2
Swimming Pool
Our swimming pool is built on the top of the hill. It is surrounded by mango trees and a tea plantation, with uninterrupted views across to the coconut trees. The pool dimensions are about 10 x 20 meters, suitable for relaxing or exercising. There is a stone terrace alongside that is suitable for bodywork and yoga.
Cinnamon Heart Terrace
Guests can spend many hours on our terrace reading, relaxing or having their meals. The terrace is an open construction shaded by trees and bamboo that looks out onto the neighbouring rice fields. In the evening, you will also catch glimpses of the fireflies. The cinnamon heart terrace is built in the ancient ways, with no nails being used in the construction of the roofing or supporting joints. The cinnamon heart terrace construction and decoration are made by reusable cinnamon wood, built and carved by local village artists. The second level of terrace is suitable for meditation and bodywork and yoga.
Arts Room
The Arts Room was designed and built in the traditional village way using Cinnamon wood branches joined together in a pattern like a dense forest. One of the uses of this arts room is to provide opportunities to our village artists to display their art and a place to show their creative talents to our guests. They work together with our guests for creating wood carving, fabric painting, fashion designs and other traditional activities.
Food & Garden
Lush Life Villa’s highly appreciated organic food and delicious dishes as well as the sharing of meals in community contribute to the overall well-being and contentment of our guests. Our tasty food is prepared with herbs, vegetables and tropical fruits from our own organic garden and from the local market. It is a synthesis of healthy living and indulgence.

All our food is prepared in a healthy way. We have homemade yoghurt and fresh fish of the day obtained directly from the fishermen. On request we can prepare Ayurvedic health food according to your needs.

Your meals can be served on your private terrace or in the restaurant beside the pool and garden. You can choose from a Western or Sri Lankan breakfast. For lunch and dinner we will treat you with delicious traditional Sri Lankan dishes.

You can order special coffees, cakes, and fresh juices made from fruits, vegetables and healing herbs. Mineral water, a variety of teas and fruits are included in the room price.

Our fresh ingredients are harvested from our fruit and vegetable garden, which was created using permaculture principles. In order to have as many organic ingredients as possible from our own garden, we are continuously working on its improvement. Our gardeners passionately take care to ensure that the flowers are blooming and the fruits and vegetables are thriving. In the afternoons, our chef harvests fresh organic vegetables, herbs and spices for dinner.