Coupled with healing natural treatments and medicines, yoga and meditation allow the body to restore, improve and develop in harmony of mind, body and spirit.

M. Priyantha was a professional boxer in Sri Lanka. In the year 2010, Priyantha was on his motorcycle when he had an accident with a truck. Priyantha was paralyzed and remained in hospital for 8 months. Ayurveda treatments in combination with yoga helped him to recover from his injuries to the extent that he was able to become a professional yoga instructor. He vowed to help sick, infirm or elderly people to practice yoga as gratitude for the way Yoga helped him to recover his mental and physical health.

At Lush Life VIlla, Priyantha and his assistants guide guests to learn and work into poses safely according to their abilities. He takes the time needed to help guests progress within their capacities and mindful of their physical limitations. He offers classes tailored for different needs ‐ developing more flexibility and mobility for stiff bodies; meditation for those under stress; or encouraging stretching for those training with weights.

His main focus while teaching is to get in touch with the deeper aspect of one's self, one's spirit, not just to do exercises. His style of teaching incorporates sounds and vibrations, preparation exercises, movement, and breathing techniques. His broad experience and direct personality enables him to meet people's needs and direct them on the optimal growth path.