In the Area

Lush Life Villa is located near Meepawala, in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka, about 12 km inland from Galle, the provincial capital. Some points of interest within a few minutes of Lush Life Villa include:

Galle Fort (20 minutes)
Galle Fort, in the Bay of Galle on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka, was built first in 1588 by the Portuguese, then extensively fortified by the Dutch during the 17th century from 1649 onwards. It is a historical, archaeological and architectural heritage monument, which even after more than 423 years maintains a polished appearance, due to extensive reconstruction work done by Archaeological Department of Sri Lanka.

Unawatuna Beach (30 minutes)
Unawatuna is a coastal city in Galle district of Sri Lanka. Unawatuna is a major tourist attraction in Sri Lanka and famous for its beautiful beach and corals. It is a suburb of Galle.

Hikkaduwa (beach and resort town) (30 minutes)
Hikkaduwa's beach and night life make it a popular tourist destination. It is a well-known international destination for board-surfing and reputed as the second best surfing spot in Sri Lanka. Hikkaduwa Coral Sanctuary located a few hundred meters offshore. The sanctuary has approximately seventy varieties of multi-coloured corals.

Stilt fishermen at Ahangama (40 minutes)
Ahangama is a small town in Sri Lanka. It is located within Southern Province. The wondrous fishing style of still fishing. Fisher is sitting on a pole fixed to sea and catch fish by traditional rod.

Koggala Lake (beach, turtle hatchery) (50 minutes)
Koggala is a small coastal town, situated at the edge of a lagoon on the south coast of Sri Lanka, located in Galle District, Southern Province, Sri Lanka, governed by an Urban Council. Koggala is bounded on one side by a reef, and on the other by a large lake, Koggala Lake, into which the numerous tributaries of the Koggala Oya drain.

Whale watching via Mirissa (55 minutes)
Mirissa is a small town on the south coast of Sri Lanka, located in the Matara District of the Southern Province. Mirissa's beach and night life make it a popular tourist destination. It is also a fishing port and one of the island's main whale and dolphin watching locations.