1. Poorva Karma ‐ Pre Actions

    This is the preparatory phase of a person for cleansing treatments "Panchakarma" to come at later stage. It is important to prepare a person in his or her Body and Mind with various treatments for several days before cleansing starts. This improves comfortable detoxification process within the body. There are three main techniques for preparation.

    1. Deepana & Pachana → Improving Appetite & Digestive Energy in the body
    2. Snehana → Application of Oil internally and externally
      1. Grutha pana → Ghee Therapy
      2. Abhyanga & dhara → Body Therapies with Oil
    3. Swedana → Sweating Treatments

  2. Pradhana Karma ‐ Main Action

    There are the five cleansing treatment methods used for detoxification of body. "Pancha" means five and "Karma" means actions. Vamana Karma ‐ Emesis Therapy or Therapeutic Vomiting; Virechana Karma ‐ Purgation Treatment; Nasya Karma ‐ Nasal Cleaning; Vasti Karma ‐ Enema Therapy; Raktha Mokshana ‐ Blood Letting

  3. Pashchaath Karma ‐ Post action

    There are various Treatments and Therapies that are administered after the completion of Cleansing treatments, to enhance the benefits of Panchakarma Treatment. Sansarjana Karma → Intensifying Treatments Rasayana, Vajeekarana → Rejuvenation and Aphrodisiac Treatments Shamana → Process of Palliation.

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